Week 1 – Source Review

This week we were asked to review an article from the journal ‘Source’, issue 75, Summer 2013. I was asked to look at pages 79-82, Self Published Books – Multiple Book Reviews.

The review was created to tell the reader what the books are about, how they were presented and the reviewer’s opinion on the book. It gave me a very good understanding and thorough outline of the books discussed. I found that it made me want to look at these books to see if I agree with their opinions and descriptions or not. The type is social documentary and landscape and they recall on memories, experiences and stories. The two articles are a mix of the reviewers own opinion and describing the books. I think that it is an almost equal balance between the two, however slightly more swayed towards the detail about the book. The reviewer had themselves looked at the book in great detail, studying detail from the type of paper the images were printed on to the specifics of the stories/ideas behind the book.

Each book was influenced by different things whether it was a life experience, poem/book/author or something else. They all had a different purpose for being created, all completely different. I thought that this made each one seem individual and special, especially to the author. I think that this was quite a straightforward and to the point review, discussing what the main points in enough detail to intrigue you and make you want to look at the book yourself, but not so much that the images seem spoiled.


  • SOURCE, 2013. Issue 75, Summer

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