Self Publishing a Photobook

Anyone can create their own photobook, whether they use a company to create it for them or make it from scratch. This variety of websites are either selling already made photobooks, or are helping you to create your own. A photobook can be in many forms rather than a book such as cards and newspaper.

Nobody’s Bookshop sells Stephen Gill’s limited edition photobooks. Nobody’s Bookshop can be accessed through a link on the Stephen Gill website. It is very plain and simple with the only burst of colour coming from the images of the photobooks, some of which are also very plain. The important details of the photobooks are displayed next to the image of it.

Nobody’s Bookshop Homepage

Mishka Henner’s website sells his own photobooks. Along with the picture and title of the book is the price, which could be an advertising point. After clicking on the image you are able to view the details of the book and its publishing. Aswell as viewing his books, you are also able to look at works, editions, press, selected editions, biography and subscribe.

Mischka Henner Homepage

The Newspaper Club website enables you to create your own newspaper, from minis to broadsheets. The website is bright and colourful drawing your attention in. When showing prices it says “from”. This is an advertising point many compaines use to make you think it will cost less to produce than it actually will. They also show a countdown to when they are next printing to give you an idea of how long your newspaper will take to be printed. The Newspaper Club is represented as a professional and reputable company by having a section which shows magazines that they have recently printed and listing medias which they have been mentioned in.

The Newspaper Club homepage

Other selfpublishing photobook websites:

Other print on demand photobook websites:


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