My Version

This was one of the images on show at the Purdy Hicks Gallery. I found it incredibly interesting as there is so much detail, yet it is so simple at the same time. The white background and frame against the fiery orange and burnt brown colours emphasise the detail of it. Because it is so abstract, the viewer has to look in great detail to work out what the image is actually of. I have come to the conclusion that the image is of cracked paint.


Winter Landscape by Anni Leppala

I found this image so fascinating that I decided to have a go at creating something similar myself and this is the outcome.

Image by Tegan Upton, Clovelly Road

This image has been taken of a wall on Clovelly Road in Southampton. The road is very run down and there doesn’t seem to be pride from the residents on the road; with sofas and mattresses dumped outside peoples houses, bottles and litter all around.

Although there are similarities, I feel that my image is very different to the one above. There is much more colour and features in my image. Rather than looking sophisticated, I think my image looks chaotic and grubby, much like the road appears.


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