London Trip 17.03.2014 – White Cube

Darren Almond created the work for the show “To Leave a Light Impression” at the White Cube, Bermondsey. Over 13 years, Almond has taken images across every continent, to create a series called ‘Fullmoon’. All images were taken on a long exposure and under the light of a full moon, so that details which are undetectable to the human eye can be revealed.


Image from White Cube Gallery Website

The image does not even to begin to give you an idea of how large these images are and how big the space is. The huge scale of the beautiful images are just breathtakingly mesmerizing. Because the space is so big and white, your attention is instantly drawn to the images as there is nothing to distract you from them.

“Darren Almond stands before nature, between man and nature, between man and space, between life and death, and looks at the sad beauty of everything that is reflected through the lens of his camera. Almond slowly finds his way into the core of the earth and into the total mountain to directly stare into all that has been of this world throughout millennia.” – Aesthetica Magazine.

f0401564a4f4be443bbcf2ce06c533a9_0There are six pairs of bronze sculptures in the centre of the exhibition, filled with lead. Each one represents an astronaut who walked on the moon and weighs the comparative weight of them and has the astronaut’s initials engraved on it to identify them.  These contrast with the images because they are so much smaller; these become ‘standing stones’ which show the sculptural connection between man and moon. This is a way of mapping both visible and invisible spaces.

I wish I could have spent longer gawping at these striking images, as there is so much detail t0 them, with the large scale they are printed at it is impossible to see it in a short time. I would have like to take my own images but unfortunately the gallery did not allow us to. I would thoroughly recommend this show if you are looking for something spectacular to look at with a good back story to it.