Horses Think

My thoughts on suggested blogs from reading list

Horses Think Press has a different homepage format to the other websites from the resource list, as rather than scrolling down to view posts/images, you have to scroll sideways. This instantly gives it individuality and sets it apart from the others. This websites shows and sells artwork/images online and has published “12 Books” by Ofer Wolberger (whose work is currently showing on the homepage).

Screen Shot of Horses Think homepage

Untitled Cereal is a very simplistic and minimal website. To enter an exhibition you simply click on the image, which is far easier to navigate your way around. Only 5 issues have been published so far. Although I like the simplicity of the website, it does not look professional, with hard to read fonts and only half of the page being used.

Screen Shot of Untitled Cereal homepage

A Cup of Pea was my favourite of the blogs I have looked at. It has a professional look and is clear where each blog post starts and finishes. With tags and archives, it’s easy to find other posts and things linked to what you are looking at. The images are of good quality and can be viewed larger by clicking on them. A Cup of Pea is linked to other websites such as Facebook and Twitter and can be recommended on google; being linked in with other websites promotes this blog and reputation.

Screen Shot of Cup of Pea homepage